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Installation Systems For The Industry

Installation Systems for the Industry

Modern solutions for Industrial Installations
There’s no need to convince anyone about importance of the good Installation supporting system which is based on reliable materials, channels and connectors. Easiness and assembling speed of installation modular system are the key factors bringing attention of HVAC specialists. Suppliers of Installation supporting systems have a wide range of such a product. [Picture1]

Picture 1 – Example of the Installation supporting system

Mounting systems
Commonly offered mounting steel systems are considered as a secondary structure, such applications provide support for cable trays, pipes, ventilation ducts etc. The most commonly used are Channel sections and rectangular, perforated sections [Picture 2 i 3]

Picture 2 and 3 – Load carrying profiles

Typical applications
The „Dynamic Snaphots” displayed bellow represent the typical applications, which can be efficiently used at the Industrial systems. Application Strut3D allows for quick and efficient unlimited 3D modelling and comprehensive structural analysis according to Eurocode System. Dynamic Snapshot functionality gives opportunity for the Installation System supplier to present the full range of typical solutions.

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