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Strut3D performs engineering analysis of Installation supporting systems & HVAC Hangers. Complete structural analysis data based in Finite Element Analysis: stress, deformation, internal forces, reactions.

Analysis follows Eurocode standards.


Strut3D is about optimization of channel and strut based supporting systems. Mechanical Engineering Plumbing (MEP) specialists can rely on results of analysis and choose the best size of the profile meeting design criteria.

Unlimited Design

User friendly application allows for unlimited modelling 2D & 3D structures. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) method used by high performing solver can verify and optimize any kind of Installation structure.

Professional Reports

Results of analysis collected into professional reports. Easy to print, save, archive and approve. Prepared documents are well structured and easy to follow.

Analysis and reports meet Eurocode norms.


In Strut3D we are using modern technologies. One of them is CADClick® software


Make your calculation design in Strut3D


Strut3D automatically prepares CADClick® model


You can download many 3D and 2D file like DWG, PDF, STEP, STL, SketchUp, IGES and more and more


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Trust & Reliability

Trusted by industry experts

International engineers, Installation experts, HVAC planners, MEP specialists already trusted in Strut3D and engineering solutions provided by the application.

Strut3D helps in finding optimal solution every day.

Reliable results

Application has been developed and consulted by the industry experts and engineering specialists. University Professors are integral part of the engineering team contributing to the continuous development and improvement of Strut3D application and its engineering components.

One place - all systems

Platform gives access to the database of the key Installation Systems suppliers at one place. Strut3D is the place where experts find needed information.

Over 20 systems integrated.
Over 500 profiles available.

Trusted by System suppliers

Several leading suppliers of Installation systems already decided to use Strut3D as the only source of engineering information.

Application has been systematically promoted and considered as trustable solution by manufacturers.

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Johnson Controls


Unique Features

Multilingual environment

Application uses very intuitive user interface and is available in several languages.

Languages used in engineering reports are independent from the main language.

Unlimited collaboration

Each project and design can be shared between users.

Application allows many users to work together on the same project.

At Strut3D you can expect your colleagues to contribute to your individual design.

Simple registration & Easy use

Quick & easy registration process.

Intuitive application interface.

Dashboard allowing for project management & providing access to the product and system data.

Online availability

Strut3D available from any place at any time.

Application uses modern technologies allowing for unlimited access from various types of devices, systems & internet browsers.

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