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3D Frame – New Application

3D Frame – new application

3D Frame – new solution from Creoox
Creoox [Picture 1] introduces new Application for the analysis of 3D structures using advanced FEA method.3D Frame is an online application dedicated to the designers, engineers and other MEP professionals who value professional solutions in the area of structural and mechanical engineering.

Picture 1 – Creoox – 3D Frame Founder

Access from any place any time
The calculation speed and accessibility are the features differentiating 3D Frame application. All engineering calculations are made in the cloud and access to the application is provided by typical Internet browser. [Picture 2]

Picture 2 – Interface of the Application

Definition and engineering analysis is made in user friendly and intuitive Graphical Interface. All models are visualised the Internet Browser. Thanks to the new visualization technology each model can be presented and displayed as an unique Dynamic Snapshot [Dynamic-Snapshot 1]

Dynamic-Snapshot 1 – Example of the structure – 3D Frame

Dynamic Management of dimensions
Application automatically and at the real-time performs dimensioning of the modelled structure. Anyone can change Dimension on the Dynamic-Snapshot and application presents new results of analysis. [Dynamic-Snapshot 2]

Dynamic-Snapshot 2 – Interactive Dimension lines

Application has a lot of options controlling the model and data visualization. Therefore, working on the application is very easy. [Dynamic-Snapshot 3]

Dynamic-Snapshot 3 – Stress gradient

Dynamic-Snapshot 4 – Displacement chart

Application allows for generation of the iFrame objects (elements of HTML language, allowing for embedment of the one HTML object within the other one). Thanks to such a technology application gives opportunity to share and embed on the website Engineering models and their 3D Dynamic visualisations analogically to the solution offered by the popular YouTube portal.


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